Undergraduate Education

UC Riverside

Highlander Early Start Academy


Due to COVID 19- All HESA courses and activities will be held online for Summer 2020.  Be sure to check our website regularly for program updates.

The Highlander Early Start Academy (HESA) is a 7-week intensive program for incoming first year students.

The Highlander Early Start Academy allows students to earn up to 9-10 units before starting their freshman Fall quarter. HESA participating students will take a primary course (English 4, Math 5 or Math 6A), secondary course (English 008), and HESA 001 (College Success Course).  

Throughout the 7 weeks, students will also get to know their personalized peer mentor and as well as be introduced and connected with other campus resources throughout the program.  HESA participants are also eligible for a special $1,000 HESA scholarship ($250 in the Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). 

We look forward to seeing you this Summer!

If you're interested in enrolling in the Highlander Early Start Academy, fill out the Intent to Register Form below:


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